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About Us

Teach Communication through Science (TCTS) was established in 2018 as a private STEM educational company with the mission of inspiring and nurturing kid’s innate curiosity by giving personalized care to its students age 4 to 14. During this short time, TCTS managed to serve over 600 families in its hands- on STEM classes, coding, 3D design, and robotic classes. The lesson plans are developed and overseen by the company’s board of advisors which includes experts across engineering, IT, and education/teaching fields. The lesson plans are developed by carefully reviewing the available resources in STEM and engineering courses for kids, adopted and modified some lessons, and develop in-house lesson plans complied with Next Generation science Standards (NGSS).

The company has featured at multiple science fairs and tech events such as Glendale Tech week 2019, the summer camp of Caltech Postdoc Association, 2018-2019, 4-th annual makerspace at Glendale college and STEM teachers EXPO 2020 as a panelist. The latest science event was the STEP conference 2020 of IEEE (please refer to the resume for the event list and the details).

One of the company’s long-term goals is to encourage and engage families in STEM projects and we had multiple free live workshops through social media. The company increased its FREE live virtual workshops to every other week during the summer of the pandemic to engage the kids in STEM and create family bonding through hands-on science-related activities. The list of the events and live workshops can be found in our social media platforms.

TCTS is also very active in helping the school’s PTA, and other nonprofit organizations to run events, or help them in their fundraising efforts by providing science related workshops or booths and donating our time and profit.


  • Teach Communication has been the partner of IEEE foothill section at the 20th STEP conference 2020

  • Teach Communication featured at Glendale Tech week 2019 with the partnership of Glendale School district at " Parenting little Engineers " pop up

  • Teach Communication had collaboration with Caltech Postdoc Association STEM for families during 2018-2019.

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Thanks so much for all you did for the kids. E...n always loves your class!! It was so
fun watching him enthusiastically speak about time in your class.


I have been meaning to email you and let you know how much we appreciate what you are doing! What
you’re teaching the kids and how is fantastic! Danny is saying he wants to grow up and do science
because of this class. Thank you!


Nicolas is really enjoying your class. We are so happy that we found this class.

Sound of Children
Cultural Center Summer Camp

Thank you Melineh. we love your program “Teach Communication through science” at our summer

Thank you Meline! My son loved your science class and always came home with
excitement and stories of what he learned. He (and we) can’t wait for him to continue
learning science with you in Yellow Group next year.


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